The Old Cheesemakery

Cheese & War


We start in the Passchendaele Memorial Museum where visual media, an extensive collection of historical artefacts and vividly reconstructed pictures are keeping the memory of the Battle of Passchendaele alive.

Eyecatcher is an underground passage with communication and first-aid post, headquarters, workstations and sleeping places where you get to experience just how literally the sentence: “the British were living like moles” can be understood, since there was nothing left above ground. The museum is located in the historical castle domains of Zonnebeke.

Leaving Zonnebeke we head for the Old Cheese Factory, in the middle of Flanders Fields. After lunch a guide shows you a piece of cheese history. This cheese factory has been productive up till the 50’s. The only cheese centre of Belgium provides you with answers to all your questions. On top of that you get to discover why they call cheese the product for all your senses. In short: it will be a cosy, tasty day after which you will never ever forget the name (and the cheese) Passendale. This arrangement gives you access to the MMP in Zonnebeke (WWI-Museum) and to the Old Cheese Factory in Passchendaele (cheese museum).

Practical Info

Price: € 8,50 pp
Guide Memorial Museum: € 60.00
Guide Old Cheesefactory: € 30.00