The Old Cheesemakery


Taste the richness of cheese!


Classic Cheese Tasting

We recommend to taste the wonderful flavours of our local cheeses. This tasting exists of four different cheeses. Click at the little square for more information. 

Included in ticket with tasting 


Royal Cheese Tasting

From September 2011 we present a Royal cheese tasting. You will explore six cheese families, giving you a a good exploration of the different tastes and smells. There's also some bread added. 

  • Wijnendaele



    Soft cheese with strong taste. Prepared farm fresh milk. 

    Absolute fat: 26%
    Calories: 312 Kcal
    Appearance: orange rind cheese cylindrical
    Diameter: soft texture and smooth, 26 cm in diameter
    Smell: pronounced
    Storage: 4 to 7 ° C
    Cutting: servings
    Beverages: red wine or white wine aromas (eg. Gewurztraminer)
    Ideal as : the cheese board, bread as an accompaniment

  • Oud Brugge

    Oud Brugge


    Old Bruges is a spicy hard cheese aged one year under the strict eye of a master cheesemaker. The cheese has a rich flavor and a typical low salinity. Since 1992, city and cheese inseparable. This cheese is easily recognized by its dark brown logo.

    Form: flat cylinder
    Dimensions: 40 cm diameter, 10 cm height
    Weight: approx 11.5 kg
    Ageing: 1 year
    Fat content: 50 +
    Crust: The cheese has, like many other ancient cheeses,
    a black crust. 

  • Père Joseph

    Père Joseph


    Père Joseph Abbey is one cheese, prepared according to an original, traditional recipe Abbey. He has a rich, spicy flavor and a rich aroma that is obtained through natural maturation. He is easily recognized by its dark brown crust and the friendly priest who always comes back on the label.

    Form: flat cylinder
    Dimensions: 21 cm diameter, 8 cm height
    Weight: approx 2.2 kg
    Ageing: 4 to 5 weeks
    Fat content: 50 + cheese
    Crust: natural rind covered with a dark brown (not edible) protective 

  • Passendale Classic

    Passendale Classic


    This creamy, semi-hard cheese has an edible rind and a typical natural spherical shape. He got plenty of time to ripen naturally in the cheese cellars Passendale. Passchendaele Classic is soft and full of flavor. Its unique, airy structure hole, he is easily digested and forms a delicious and healthy bread.

    Shape: shape of a farm bread
    (similar cheeses are never identical in shape)
    Dimensions: 24 cm diameter, about 12 cm height
    Weight: approx 4 kg
    Ageing: 4 to 5 weeks
    Fat content: 50 + cheese
    Crust: edible natural rind